Friday, March 11, 2011

jubilation 60...six boys

The pre-game calm

This took me YARDS of excessive time to made.  I should have bought one of those plastic crappy table cloths.
Ansel did NOT want his name on the cake and even requested the football on this particular yard line

I knew we were in for a bit of trouble when the first activity in which the boys were supposed to decorate their piñata bags was immediately converted into a face painting activity.

It is impossible to get 6 boys to suspend motion  

How much candy can you pick up in a minute with chopsticks?  It helps if you curl your tongue while you make your attempts.  
Ansel had so much fun at Savanna's toilet paper party, he requested the same 'potty' game.   

They swung bats, threw balls, popped masses of balloons, and attacked each other with silly string.  It was messy, sticky, and noisy.   A victory for the home team.  

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Sijbrich said...

Wow. This post just made me laugh.

And kind of wish I don't have a boy someday. Oh, the mess.