Friday, March 25, 2011

jubilation 73...meanwhile back at the homestead....

If we didn't pick Marne up from the airport, I would have sworn she was blown in by a very strong wind complete with her traveling carpetbag and umbrella.    While we were soaking in the arizonan sun, Marne kept the kids busy with all sorts of adventurous projects that I am not capable of providing.  I am pretty sure that they had a tea party on the ceiling with Mr. Wigg, although they aren't confessing to any such occasion.  Thank you, Marne!  You can blow back around any old time.  

homemade rubber stamps

1000 layer lemon crepe cake.

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marné said...

Well, that's about the best compliment ever! I never thought I would measure up to Mary Poppins, but she is a hero of mine :o) I think I might have had more fun than the kids, and am still cursing that stupid strep for denying me yet more potato chip experiments and baking adventures. I hope to be back again soon!