Tuesday, March 29, 2011

jubilation 79...shooting with a harness

 Our summer trip this year is going to be a two-week epic exploration of southern Utah.  Corey has studied enough of the area to receive a degree in southern Utah recreation.  In addition to mapping each day of  the excursion to the nook, crag, slot, and cranny; he is preparing the kids for the more technical moves they will require (the photo is of the Subway in Zion National Park).   I don't think Corey knows how excited I am about being in this place that owns a huge portion of my heart....I am building protective walls of apathy just in case it doesn't work out..... and the kids better not complain while I am singing my psalms of jubilation.

Corey set up a rappel line this afternoon and had them practice.  

Ansel utilized his waiting time by shooting tongue- stuffed- cheek baskets.  I had fun spying on them from the office window.


Kaerlig said...

That sounds exciting! We are going to camp again in Zion this year- but we are either too wimpy, fearful or lazy to plan any cool adventures like that.

Anonymous said...

Does Ansel ever stop shooting baskets? Love the rappeling gear on while he's intent playing basketball.