Wednesday, March 30, 2011

jubilation 80....burned shirt

Just like his mother, Ansel has a hard time getting up and ready in the morning.  It helps when we have a routine and things that motivate him.  He also suffers, on a significantly lower level than his mother, from  cold body syndrome.  I have found that if we warm his clothes (without buttons, zippers or snaps, of course) in the microwave for a minute, Ansel will dress at lightning speed to enjoy the warmth of the clothes for as long as possible.   I have told him many times..."Never cook it a lot. Never more than a minute! Or something may happen. You never know what"

Well, today Ansel just had to find out what would happen if he put his clothes in for TWO minutes.  Maybe, he wondered, they would come out just warm enough for twice the amount of  microwave coziness.  After today, Ansel will probably never put his clothes in for more than one minute.  Cause something could happen and now he knows what!

I am so tempted to send him to school in this on April Fools Day.  What would his teachers think?  Should I do it?

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lazyeye72 said...

I liked that shirt, bummer. Maybe we should have mounted the microwave even higher.