Thursday, March 31, 2011

jubilation 89....picking up a Levi

We have to travel up a inclined road of about 2 miles on our way to school.   It was drizzling today as it has been for almost the entire month of March.  On our way today, I noticed a boy/young man ( I am no longer able to discern ages between 15 and 25....they all look the same to me) walking up the hill, hair slicked back and wearing a suit, battling the rain.  I passed him and had a twinge of guilt.  He looks like he has somewhere to be and will end up soaking wet when he arrives.  I turned around and asked him if he needed a ride.  He looked nervous and skeptical.
      "O.K.  Maybe just to the top of the hill.  Thanks"
He slumped in the front seat and tucked his chin to his chest.
"Hi.  I'm Vanessa"
I don't know what it is about the name Levi, but I have never met one that isn't the nicest person in the world.  How is that?   
"Where are you from, Levi?"
"Oh, just a little town called Grand Coulee."
"I know that town and I think it is haunted."

He laughs and I know that he is no longer nervous and worried that I will kill him and dump in off the nearest cliff.   He lets me drive him past the top of the hill to his final destination.

He talks nonstop all the way.  He arrives at his job interview, dry.   

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