Monday, March 21, 2011

jubilation 70....I was wrong a lot today.

I only had the morning to be alone and walked all the streets of Old Scottsdale.  I have always assumed that Scottsdale lacked any character and brought along a few books just in case.  I was wrong.  It is a clean city, with unique shops, excellent food and random sculptures of interest.  There is an alcohol-infused ice cream shop and a bring your bike in while you eat a cupcake shop.  

 Corey met me after lunch for a hike in the Desert.  At first glance, I dismissed the scenery as bland, dry, and repetitive. I was wrong again. After walking just a few yards, I noticed amazing growth despite the harsh environment.

The saguaro cacti are actually really beautiful.  

The cacti are also useful to birds, offering protection and 20 degree cooler temperatures.  Notice the hummingbird on its nest.  

That night we attended a banquet for the SSR group that Corey had been meeting with.  We dressed up and made our way to the Marriot Hotel, expecting a fancy, sit down dinner.  When we got there, we were handed cowboy hats, saloon services, a shooting range, fires, and wild west photos.  Wrong again.  We were a bit overdressed, but were happy to be outside on a beautiful warm night, rather than sitting inside a stuffy banquet room.

So today I was wrong in some very good ways.

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