Friday, March 11, 2011

jubilation 62, 63, and 64

Jubilation 62...THE ACTUAL BIRTH  DAY

pancake breakfast by Dad and flip books

Season tickets to the Spokane Shock indoor football league

a few legos

pad thai cooked up by Dad 

a remote control thingy

a watch

jubilation 63

Ansel = "It's 6:52"
one minute later = "It's 6:53"  
one minute later = "It's 6:54"
one minute later = "It's 6:55"
one minute later = "It's 6:56"
one minute later = "It's 6:57"
one minute later = "It's 6:58"
one minute later = "It's 6:59"
one minute later = "It's 6:60, but the small hand is on seven"

This goes on pretty much ALL DAY.  
If you ever want time to SLOW DOWN, have someone tell you what time it is every minute of the day.  
I have found the answer to keeping my kids from growing up too fast.   Give them a watch.

jubilation 64

me:  "Ansel, can you please set the table?"
Ansel:  "But it was my birthday yesterday?"
me:  "So how long will your birthday get you out of doing your jobs?"
Ansel:  "Five days."  


Sijbrich said...

I'm sure he'll be counting every minute of those 5 choreless days, too.
Happy belated birthday Ansel!

Anonymous said...

5 days? That sounds about right.