Sunday, April 17, 2011

jubilation 101...a timely reminder

In addition to all the moping we were doing after returning from vacation, Ansel had an unsecured Arcade game fall on his back during a bowling party this afternoon.  "Only in Spokane," I muttered and rolled my eyes in disgust.  
Corey would not take anyone dissing on his beloved favorite city and rather than lecture us on being content with what we have, he wisely took us to a few among the many of our favorite places in Spokane.

And at the end of the day, we were reminded of what a beautiful place Spokane can be.  And as you can see, Ansel pretty much owns the streets.  He's seems a bit rougher and tougher now that he's survived being crushed by an Arcade game.

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david hurtado said...

I can hardly keep up with all your posts though I am trying :) I have become horrible at blogging lately. I'm glad Utah is still your top one state. It's mine.

Ansel is a cute kid. Maybe Ellie will meet him some day.