Friday, April 15, 2011

jubilation 98...SURPRISE!

I didn't catch on when Ansel told me that Dad took him to look for a cake, but couldn't find one.

I didn't think twice yesterday when my Brother in Law, Joe, asked me if I was excited for my birthday tomorrow? while Camille pinched him hard on the leg. I simply responded that my birthday was on Monday and then rambled on about how this birthday is a weird one for me (more on that later).

I didn't even raise my eyebrows when Corey told me that he was going for a walk this morning right after he had worked out in the gym.   (He was going to pick up the cake.)

Other than that,  a stellar performance was played by everyone involved. Somehow, Corey had been consorting, mostly through texts, with all of my family members all week, which is no small feat, even for a man with big feet.  

Carrie brought me to a meeting which changed my life a little (more about that later), giving Corey and the rest of the family time to blow up a million balloons, give or take a few hundred thousand, pick up a fully catered meal for 200 people from Cafe Rio, and all gather together in the same place at the same time to jump out and rattle my almost 39 year old bones when I walked in the door.  

Thanks, Corey for the greatest birthday present ever.....Except for you,  Corey. You are the bestest  present I've ever gotten.

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