Friday, April 15, 2011

jubilation 97...sister time

 Corey bonding with the Brother-in-laws
While the men were off snowmobiling, the women folk found that didn't need any machinery to build their relationship with the snow.  

Three feet deep and you never knew when it was going to suck you down.

Luckily, we could help each other out of our trenches.   Awww.  What a metaphor of life.  

Stacey, Camille, and Carrie (60% of my Utah Sisters and 43% of my Total Sisters)

Now I am mourning the loss of the photos of Stacey and Camille covering their faces with their hair in order to prevent sunburns, which would expose their lies to their lies of being too ill to go to work, but not sick enough to keep them from frolicking in the snow. 

We tied it up our day nicely with some Thai and Hot-tubbing.  Thanks for risking your careers for me, sistahs!

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