Friday, April 15, 2011

jubilation 92.....passing travel time

We had to burn from 9am to 5pm in airports and in airplanes today.....which left us with a choice.  We could sit and mourn the loss of one of our vacation days, grieve the confiscation of three months worth of shampoo and conditioner (we didn't know that we needed to have that talk with our 13 year old...she has hitherto only packed paper items on her carry-on and luckily they allowed her to keep her scripture case full of body sprays),  complain about everything under the sun as many of our fellow passengers chose to do, or make the most of it.  Our trip started out on a good note when a referee for the arena football league recognized Ansel's little red ball that he caught at last night's Spokane Shock game.  He introduced himself, went over to his bag, and pulled out a real arena football for Ansel to keep.  Needless to say, it kind of made Ansel's day.

Ansel and Corey passed our layover hours in Portland passing the football eliciting in many smiles and a few "this is not a playground" comments from fellow travelers.
 This traveling folk band family passed their time in Portland picking a few tunes.
 I passed my time people watching and conversation voyeurism.  The girls passed their time with their noses in books and game boys, scowling each time I tried to take their picture.

Ansel spent the flight to Salt Lake resting from 

all his airport football.  I spent the flight staring at his curled fingers.  

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Sijbrich said...

So was SLC your final destination, or are you beginning an epic journey to somewhere better?