Friday, April 15, 2011

jubilation 96..little boy time

These are the only photos remaining of a fun-filled day with two adorable little boys.  Savanna and Emmy spent the night with cousins in Salt Lake and Ansel, Corey and I had a sleepover with my nephew, Asher.  We had a great morning swimming, riding the cabriolet, playing video games, and eating treats in our personal deck hottub.  Oh, give me a second to mourn the photos I took of the laughing, wet, semi-naked boys throwing snowballs at people way too far away to actually hit.  Our morning wore Asher out enough for him to sleep while my sister Carrie and I walked the streets of park city in the warm winter/cold spring air.  If you are wondering where Corey has been through all of this, the answer is skiing.  

We met Corey's brother and his family for dinner at the Blue Iguana.  We are packing in the fun and the food.

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