Saturday, April 16, 2011

jubilation 99.....a day of dares

Today was our last day in Utah and we had to make the most of it.   Another set of cousins spent the night last night and we had a blast this morning swimming and pushing our comfort zones to the limits.  
Three of the kids dared to wear their shower caps into the pool.  Just getting warmed up.  All of the kids then dared to lay their swimsuited, wet bodies down in the snow covered lawn chairs.  Unfortunately, I have lost all the pictures of this particular torture.   

Later in the afternoon, we were reunited at my parents house for a last hurrah with all the Utah cousins.   The kids found ridiculous clothes and we prepared a scavenger hunt  at the nearest grocery store where the kids were split into two teams.  Each time had to find unusual items and converse with patrons and employees on a level of complete silliness.

A few of the more memorable items on the list were:
1.  ask some to smell some fresh flowers and say, "Don't these smell heavenly?"
2.  Ask to be directed to the adult diapers.
3. Find some pickled pigs feet
4.  Show someone a can of green peas and ask if they support green peace.
5. Ask an employee if the store was haunted
6.  Say, "I think my hat would match your coat"
7.  Dance in front of the cameras

The younger kids seemed to be free of all inhibition and went through the list 10 times as quickly as the older, more reserved kids.  In fact, they were begging for more ways to interact with people.  Everyone was pleasant and happy to see the kids having fun.  My 8 year old nephew only had one reservation:  "I will talk to anyone, except for someone who has a chain on his pocket."

Next time we will find more ways to stretch our comfort zones.   

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