Friday, April 29, 2011

jubilation 104

Today was one of those days when the weather makes your hair irritable.  Cold, grey, and windy. And today was the day that I needed to get my snow tires removed at Les Schwab.  Not wanting a repeat of the incident of 2008,  I made them pinky swear and spit that it would take no longer than an hour.  I also came prepared with a book because I was not in the mood to be outside in this most bleak of climatological circumstances.  But the witch's brew of chemicals in the stacks of new tires was suffocating my sanity and/or my brain cells and by the look of  the zombie blank stares of the other people waiting, it was affecting them similarly.  I had to get out there.  I had to find a game to keep my mind of the fact going for a walk was not at all enjoyable at the moment, so I fell back on my past time of looking for strange decor.  Here are some of the winners.....all on the same street.  

The airplane 

The relaxed cowboy 

The occasionally lame but generally awesome product vehicle advertisement

The house with the perpetual yard sale where there are more yard sale signs than actual stuff to buy

The cement cat in the tree

This strengthens my theory that lawn decor is contagious as almost every house on the street had something ridiculous.  True to their spitting word, they were done in one hour.     

Just as I picked up the car without the snow tires, this started coming down.  

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Sijbrich said...

I just checked out and I wasn't too impressed.
I've seen a few lazy cowboys around here and I do a doubletake every time because at first glance I think they're actual people.